The video above shows my first e-textile project in the making. The central round thing is basically a computer board (a LilyPad arduino) with a variety of pins that you can use for inputting and outputting data and power. The other small boards are programmable LEDs (LilyPad Pixel Boards and Flora NeoPixels) that you can turn on, off, and set the RGB colour of – making them very versatile for creating patterns with – each one can be programmed individually.

Other outputs can be things like numerical displays, little motors, and things that make sound like an MP3 player or vibration board. Inputs can be in the form of sensors like light, temperature, movement, sound and even colour. You can even connect it to Bluetooth so you could have two things that talk to each other or talk to other devices like your phone or a heart rate monitor. Based on the input you could make the lights do different things, for example, pulse in time with your heartbeat!

You connect the different components together with conductive thread and connect the board to a computer to program it.

The project above is ‘art’ – it’s just to look pretty, but also to practice programming different ‘animations’ and working with some sensors mainly to learn how to do it before embarking on some other project ideas.

This video shows some simple animations where the colours of the animations change depending on the readings of a light sensor (the ‘cylon’ animation) and temperature sensor (the fast outer ring ‘cascade’ animation).

I hope to update this page soon to talk about the other projects and other fun things I’ve got planned for e-textiles. Stay tuned!

Wheel POV. First test, changing Neopixel colours via colour picker on the phone and BlueFruit BLE component.


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