Fun with an internet story generator

Whilst pondering what title to give my PhD thesis, I had a play with a couple of online name generators, which quickly lead me to a plot generator. The plot generator gets you to add a variety of words and then writes you a little story. I added some words based on my thesis topic. I found the results quite amusing. Context is everything!

Cerys, the Researcher
A Fantasy Novel
by Lucinda Saturn Seratron
In a laboratory there lived an ordered, standardised researcher named Cerys. Not an interesting, colourful, accurate laboratory, filled with tablets and a scientific smell, nor yet an effective, useful, easy laboratory with nothing in it to sit down on or to eat: it was a researcher-laboratory, and that means security.

One day, after a troubling visit from the user Jeremy, Cerys leaves her laboratory and sets out in search of three difficult instruments. A quest undertaken in the company of supervisors, students and doubtful collaborators.

In the search for the user-guarded instruments, Cerys surprises even herself with her organisation and skill as a curator.

During her travels, Cerys rescues a notebook, an heirloom belonging to Jeremy. But when Jeremy refuses to try curating, their friendship is over.

However, Jeremy is wounded at the Battle of locating the information and the two reconcile just before Cerys engages in some serious curating.

Cerys accepts one of the three difficult instruments and returns home to her laboratory a very wealthy researcher.


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