If Blogging Existed in the 80s: Early history

Sometime towards the end of 1982..

The earliest people lived in caves. They made lamps with clay and animal fat to heat and light their damp dark homes.

Cave man and hut
A happy looking caveman with a torch, a big fire, and an animal fat lamp in a cave. Pretty cosy! At the bottom a hut with stone walls and a roof.

Cave men spent all their time hunting for food. As men became farmers they began to built huts with walls and a roof.

Round houses
A couple of roundhouses. I think the second one might be a cutout showing the posts.

The fire was made of flat stone and the smoke went out through a hole in the roof. Some flat stones covered with skins made a bed. If there was no stones to make a wall they set up a ring of posts and tied poles from them to big post in the middle.

Iron age village with sheep
A little village with a group of huts, some sheep, a hayrick (a big old-style haystack) and a dew pond (an artificial pond for watering livestock).

When a group of huts had been built a long fence was put right round them to keep out wild animals and enemies. Inside the fence were houses pens for the animals hayricks and poles for drying grass and dew pond.

Iron age village and boat
A little village on a lake with a fence and gate, huts, people, and some skins drying. I would guess another dew pond as well. And a jolly chap with large paddles in a boat.

To be safe some tribes built their houses in swamps or in lakes. They put a fence all round.


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