If blogging existed in the 80s rebooted: Part 2

The People Who Live in My House

My brother lives in my house he likes playing with cars. He’s name is Andrew. He has a bike. He is five years old. My mum likes making cakes and things. My dad likes to watch football he has a car. It is dark blue. My pets are a big fish it bites when you put your fingers in the water. I have lots of fish. I have two terrapins. I have a cat called Punch. He is black and white.

Who lives in my house
That’s my brother on the left and my mother in the orange dress. I’m not sure if the story and the picture are talking about my stepfather or my father. My stepfather was living with us and the animals were all his, but he was always Bob and not dad. I don’t remember him liking football either, so I think I was talking about my dad, and the picture seems more likely to be him as well because Bob had curly hair and a moustache! Anyway, Punch should be black and white, the big fish was a piranha called Dinsdale, and we must have only recently lost the third terrapin. The terrapins were Huey, Lewey and Dewey named after Donald Duck’s nephews.

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