If blogging existed in the 80s: rebooted

September 16th 1982.

I live in a terraced house. There are five rooms. The biggest is the living room. There are three bedrooms. I sleep in the 1st bed-room. I have not got a conservatory.

My house, 1982
My house in 1982. I actually remember the class where I drew this and the other pictures. For this one my teacher would not believe I lived in a green house! I told her to go and look at it, it was only a two minute walk from the school. She didn’t. I also remember particularly enjoying the “parts of a house” picture below.

My house was built in 1895. My family has lived there for a year. The walls are built of bricks. The roof is made of tiles. My window frames are made of wood. My door frames are made of wood. I have two chimneys.

People who help to build a house.

  1.  Architect – designs the house and makes a plan for the build.
  2. Surveyor – looks at the land.
  3. Draughtsman – draws the plans.
  4. Quantity surveyor – works out how much material will be needed (bricks sand etc.)
  5. Brick Layer
  6. Carpenter – makes rafter, window frames etc.
  7. Tiler puts – tiles on roof
  8. Glazier – puts glass in window.
  9. Plasterer – covers the inside walls.
  10. Plumber – puts in water pipes
  11. Heating engineer – installs boiler and radiators
  12. Electrician – installs wiring and lighting
  13. Painters and decorators
Parts of a house
Parts of a house. I loved bay windows!

Home is where we live. Home is nice and warm.

In the garden and brick bonds
Things in my garden and brick bonds. I remember at some point making bricks out of different materials and testing them to find out which were the strongest. I have a feeling it might have been part of this lesson but I can’t be sure.

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