If blogging existed in the 80s: The last installment

June 7th 1982 My Weekend

Sunday I played with Lynne in her garden. Lynne had made a pond in her garden and a hut. Me and Lynne put some chairrs in it. We played poilce and then we played hunterrs and then I went home for dinner. then I came back. Lynne broght me some criprs. then we played. After we played my brother came round and played with us. The we played hunting and we tried to make my brother go to bed. Then we we went to my house. Lynne staed at her house. I went to bed after tea. I drew and read a book then I went to sleep.

1981 doodle
This is my friends house. It is actually pebble-dashed and long rather than high because it used to be the corner shop. Lynne and I are next to the pond with my brother on his own. This story is written in joined up writing and is quite difficult to read, my spelling also appears to have gotten substantially worse.



My holiday

On Sunday I went to a racing cars race there were four or three cars in each race sometimes funny cars were there. After I saw the race I went strawbeere picking. I went home and eat them. I played in the gardon.


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