If blogging existed in the 80s: Part 9

4th May 1982 Spring Bank Holiday

On Bank Holiday Monday I went to see a castle. First I looked inside the castle. I saw the cheirs and I saw the beds in the castle. When I had seen all the inside of the castle I looked on top of the castle I saw the people and cars. They looked like toys. After I looked on top of the castle I went to get something to eat. I had a cake. Then I went to a toy museum. Then I went home.

1981 doodle
I’m not sure which castle this is, although I have a feeling it might be Arundel because of the toy museum. My favourite castle was (and still is) Porchester castle, and I don’t think this is that one because I would expect some water in the drawing. It was around this time that we were being encouraged to do ‘joined-up’ writing, which is why the misspelled word ‘chairs’ is joined-up. I’ve always blamed doing joined-up for why my writing is so bad. Based on this picture I’m going to blame the teacher directly – no wonder my writing is so bad, ‘chairs’ is illegible!

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