If blogging existed in the 80s: Part 8

April 19th 1982

My Easter holiday

On Sunday the 18th of April I went to It’s a Knockout. It was good. Gosport was in it. Their was lots of games. After it I went to my dads car. then I went home then I had tea.  Then I had a bath. Then I went to bed.

Tuesday I went to Lynnes house. I played with her in her garden. She has a trolle. We played hospitals and we played dogs. Then we went down my house. Then we played in my garden. We played babys. I was a baby and Lynne was a mummy. I have got a pram in the garden. It is an old pram. I went in the pram and Lynne pushed me. Then I pushed Lynne. We played with my sand. Then with my broken see-saw. We got one of the broken bits and made a see-saw with it. Then when my mum came home Lynne went home. Then I watched television. Then I had tea. Then I went to bed. In the morning I had breakfask. Then I went to my grandpop’s house. Then my dad went to fix his car. Then I had dinner with my grandpop. then I read a book. It was a new book. It was long. Then I went home then I drawed then I watched television. Then I had tea. Then I went to bed. I read a book in bed. Then I went to sleep in the morning I played with my toys. Then I had breakfast.

1981 doodle
I presume this is me on a chair playing with toys at the table. I think trolle that Lynne has in her garden is probably a trolley rather than a troll. She lived in a house that was originally a corner shop. i remember we spent quite a lot of time playing with the contents of the stock cupboard, which was full of various packets and tins.



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