If blogging existed in the 80s: Part 7

February 15th 1982

1981 doodle
I’m not exactly sure, but I’m assuming I’m the happy person in the front with the green dress and my auntie Jan is behind. I’m not sure why we both look like Christmas trees!

Saturday I went round my auntie Jan’s house. I played with Lisa. She is my auntie’s girl. I played with her dolls. I played boats with her. Then I had dinner. After dinner we played boats. Then we had tea. After tea I went home.


March 23rd 1982

On Sunday I went to the beach with my dad. I found a lot of shells. I found a flower at the beach. I saw the fish. Then I went home. My mum was at work. I put my flower in a milk bottle. I put water in it. Then my mum came home I tea then I went to bed. When I got up I read a book. Then I got up and got dressed. Then I went down stairs and had breakFast. Then I went to school.


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