If blogging existed in the 80s: Part 6

January 26th 1982

on Sunday morning I went to the beach. I found some shells. I found three big shells. I saw the sea. When I got home I drawed a drawring of the beach. I drawed some fish. I drawed some trees and some shells. Than I had dinner. Than I went to my aunts house. I played with my aunts baby than I had tea. I had ice cream. I was going to sleep in my aunts house. afiader tea I went to bed. I went to sleep. in the morning I got up.


February 2nd 1981

We went to assembly I took my card in the hall. After we had sung it was my turn to read my card. After I red my card I sat down and some other children red their card. Then we had loads of prayers. Then Mr Bryans said that the 3rd group. After they had red their card we sang a hymn.

1981 doodle
I’m really not sure what this is, but I have a feeling that it is a drawing of the front of the school hall. I can’t quite remember, but I think there was a blackboard at the front of the hall with some objects on top of it. Possibly boats. The crest for Gosport has a boat on it. Mr Bryan was the headmaster of the school and started at the same time I did – he was a really nice man. I don’t remember having to read a card out in assembly so I don’t remember what it said sadly.



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