If blogging existed in the 80s: Part 4

November 16th 1981

Yesterday was my mums birthday. Her friend came to are (our) house. She was going to move. She lived in Fairroom (Fareham). She had a car. She showed use (us) where the house she was moveing (moving) into was. We went in her car. She was moveing into a flat. When we came to the liveing (living) room there was a coole-fire (coal fire?). There wharre (were) lots of stairs in the flat. She gave use (us) some money. My mum said I can buy some sweets with the money her friend gave me.

1981 doodle
A block of flats in Fareham and me in the back of the car. The car is travelling along the road with a pavement next to it. I’m not sure if those are spiderman’s webs all over the block of flats, or the many stairs mentioned in the story! The words in red are misspelled words that the teacher picked out to practice. We were supposed to write them out correctly 3 times. I haven’t done that here for some reason, but at least the teacher’s writing is legible in this one.

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