If blogging existed in the 80s: Part 2

September 7th 1981

At the weekend I went to my arents (aunts) flat. I went in the flat. I played with her baby and I played with her dog. I had tea with her and after tea I went home and I got home my arent gave me a puss.

1981 doodle
My aunt’s flat which apparently had high windows and red walls (I’m sure neither is true). I’m not sure if that is me or my auntie with the baby, but the baby is my cousin Kevin. I don’t remember much about the dog unfortunately. I have no idea what my aunt gave me but it wasn’t a cat!


September 14th 1981

Sunday I went to Holbrook swimming pool. My brother went to the swimming pool with me. Thir

(Apparently I got stuck with spelling ‘there’ and didn’t finish the story)


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