Career tests

The results posted here are from a free careers test on the I tried on the web (I can’t remember which one now). I always find careers test most interesting for the careers and interests which it indicates that you don’t want. When I was young the top results of careers tests was always the same – landscape architect was top. Always. Interestingly as I have completed them over my career the results have changed with what I was doing at the time coming nearer to the top, but I think this was the first test I have done where landscape architect hasn’t been in there somewhere! Perhaps they didn’t have that one their list 😉 My answers are basically the same, although teaching and writing are two areas that I didn’t think I would enjoy that now appear as things that having tried them I enjoyed, so it isn’t surprising when they show up. I was a bit surprised answering the questions just how strong my dislike of certain roles and career areas are, I felt the same aggressive dislike that I did when I was at school filling in my first careers test!

  • You are not interested in leadership roles and will actively avoid them.  Seek out careers that will enable you to remain as a team member and do not require you to take on a leadership role. (* not entirely true, I like leading and influencing others, but only where I can rely on my team. I would prefer to avoid leadership and responsibility at all if I don’t have total control or trust. Am I a control freak, apparently yes I am.)
  • You dislike being forced to be organized and planned and will prefer jobs that allow you to do things your way and that do not require a high amount of organizational skills. (* Meh, maybe. If I know what I’m doing, I don’t like to be told how to do it, and I like to choose what I do. I hate repetition and mundane routine.)
  • A career that is more focussed on enhancing your own skills and improving your own achievements will be of more value to you than a career where you spend your time assisting others. (* Yeah, mostly. But I do enjoy helping others who are on my worthy list).
  • As a highly creative person you require an outlet for that creativity for you to feel truly satisfied. Jobs that enable you to show your creativity will be much more suitable for you. (*Yep).
  • You require a moderate amount of problem solving and analysis in any job you choose. Jobs that do not have any capacity for problem solving will be dissatisfying for you. (*Yep)
  • You love working with your hands and making or repairing things. You should possibly choose a job that allows you to work outdoors and allows you to feel the satisfaction of getting something tangible and physical done. (*Yes, yes, yes! )
  • You desire a moderate amount of excitement and adventure in your career. If your job doesn’t allow for new experiences and change then you will quickly become bored with it. (*Yep)
  • You enjoy language, the written word and communication. It will help if your job has a moderate language based component to it. (* Meh, sometimes. I like writing and presenting for the purpose of teaching others, especially about things I think are interesting!)

10 Career Recommendations

  • Actor (* erm, not a chance! I’d be rubbish!)
  • Reporter (*meh, correspondent/researcher in science, nature, archaeology maybe)
  • Teacher (*kind of, but repetitive classroom stuff gets boring, so something less conventional maybe)
  • Writer (*Yes, but ideally about science, nature, archaeology!)
  • Firefighter (*erm, I can’t see that really. It’s not really outdoors, and I’m not keen on the indoors part!)
  • Agricultural And Food Scientist (* meh, yeah, but agriculture and food don’t really excite me)
  • Artist (* yes, I’m not sure I’m talented)
  • Dancer (*sure, but I’d be rubbish!)
  • Coach (*Mabe)
  • Professional Athlete (*bit late, and I’ve yet to discover any athletic ability!)

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