“The Art of iPhone Photography: Creating Great Photos and Art on Your iPhone” by Bob Weil, Nicki Fitz-Gerald; Rocky Nook

The emphasis on art in the title of this book is not misplaced. Rather than being a standard ‘how to’ of how to use your iPhone to take photographs and how to use one of the myriad of photographic apps to tidy your photographs up, this book is about how to use your iPhone to create not just photography but art. The book demonstrates techniques and possibilities through the eyes and experience of 45 artists or ‘iPhoneographers’.

The introduction to the book provides a brief history of photography leading to the current domination of the iPhone as an accessible platform for photography and the vibrant iPhone photography community. The artists tutorials is the main meat of the book, and is divided into two sections, with the first section focusing on creation of photography, whilst the much longer second second focusing on illustration and fine art. For each artist there is an example of their work created using the iPhone together with information about what you will learn from that image including artist and image styles and techniques, what apps you will need to reproduce such an image, some background to the artist, the step by step process of creation of the image using the iPhone from selecting, setting up, and framing of the shot, through all the post-processing steps to create the final image together with screen captures illustrating the procedure and settings. For many artists there is also a discussion about their personal favourite app providing an excellent way to get a review about an app and it’s use from someone who knows what they are talking about! The two appendices are useful brief reference guides to the 100 or so apps mentioned in the book and the various techniques, filters, and effects discussed in the tutorials.

This is a fascinating and inspiring book which will open your eyes to the amazing possibilities for creating not just great photographs but imaginative and creative art using just your iPhone. You also get a fantastic insight into the minds of the artists including their backgrounds, motivations, and thoughts whilst constructing their images, which for me makes this book even more interesting. Although it is targeted at the iPhone community, the techniques and insights are equally applicable to other phone and digital platforms. If you have an iPhone, like photography and have an interest in creating more arty images, this book is definitely worth a look!

For more information, see the O’Reilly Product Page.


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