“iOS 6 Programming Cookbook” by Vandad Nahavandipoor; O’Reilly Media

Having got to the point of being beyond the basics of programming for iOS, I was looking for a book that would help give a quick start for using areas of iOS and facilities on the device that I had not yet tried. The iOS 6 Programming Cookbook is the ideal book for this task, providing a guide to a variety of functions of iOS from the very basics of how to get your first app running, solving common problems like passing data between views, and using functionality such as Core Data, using iCloud, drawing and so on. Because the book is written for iOS 6 there are also chapters that cover new functionality for this release such as Pass Kit.

I found the chapters to be well written, and more importantly well explained. Some of the concepts I have struggled with previously and suddenly less daunting with a sensible explanation, which is sometimes quite hard to get from the Apple documentation! Each section has an introduction to the topic, followed by a set of Problems, Solutions, and Discussions, including step by step instructions and source code. I have not tried all the recipes in the book, but so far I’ve been able to find many answers and examples to get a quicker start in my current app than I would have done by trying to decode the documentation or adapt tutorials on the web. I expect to return to the book again and again when I come to something new.

The only criticism I have is that the e-book format makes it somewhat hard to locate the recipe you want to use because there is no easy way to see the whole list of sections at the same time. To help, this is the list of chapters in the book:

  •  The Basics
  • Implementing Controllers and Views
  • Auto Layout and the Visual Format Language
  • Constructing and Using Table Views
  • Storyboards
  • Concurrency
  • Core Location and Maps
  • Implementing Gesture Recognizers
  • Networking, JSON, XML, and Twitter
  • Audio and Video
  • Address Book
  • Files and Folder Management
  • Camera and Photo Library
  • Multitasking
  • Core Data
  • Dates, Calendars, and Events
  • Graphics and Animations
  • Core Motion
  • iCloud
  • Pass Kit

I would recommend the book for anyone programming on iOS, new or experienced, as a handy resource for new features of iOS and for quick reminders about how to do some of those everyday tasks.

Find out more from the O’Reilly product page.


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