Hungary Grand Prix

Last weekend’s race was at the Hungaroring in Hungary. Hungarian food appears to be influenced a lot by their neighbours, so picking something uniquely Hungarian wasn’t too easy. However, the classic Hungarian dish is Goulash.

Hungary menu

Goulash is very like a British stew, but with the additional ingredient of paprika, sweet, spicy or  a combination of both. There was quite a lot of variability in recipes, but the meat is usually beef or pork. The traditional accompaniment is described as ‘pulled pasta’, but as far as I could tell from the recipes out there, these are dumplings made with flour, butter, and milk. A bit different to the usual dumplings I would cook with stew, but I preferred the taste of the Hungarian style ones and there were easier to cook! I was pleased that the paprika was not overpowering in the stew and the end result was a pleasant spicy taste.

Hungary menu

For the main meal on the other day we cooked pork schnitzel with fries, pickles, and a slightly improvised courgette recipe. I can highly recommend the pork schnitzel! The courgette was also good, grated and fried with cream. The proper Hungarian recipe called for dill. Not having any dill in the cupboard I substituted some mint instead, which seemed to work well enough!

Hungary menu

For the main dessert of the weekend we cooked a Dobos Torte. A bit of an odd sponge cake of many layers filled with chocolate buttercream and topped with a caramel sauce (making the top layer a little bit crunchy). This was a bit tricky to cook because of getting the layers the right thickness. I wasn’t too impressed with this, the sponge was very heavy, the recipe called for 6 eggs, so it was more like a heavy Yorkshire pudding than a nice fluffy sponge. One to miss next year! We also had some pancakes with a chocolate and walnut filling. I think next time I’d try another traditional filling for the pancakes – jam!

We couldn’t get any Hungarian beer, so opted for the closely related Bavarian variety.

The next race after the summer break is the Belgian Grand Prix, so I expect there’ll be a certain amount of chocolate involved, and the difficult hunt to find some decent waffles in the UK.


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