German Grand Prix

This weekend was another nail-biting F1 race weekend, this time the Grand Prix at Hockenheim. Unlike last race weekend though we had to enjoy all the action from the comfort of our sofa – but at least it was dry!

As usual our weekend food was themed to match the host country, this time Germany. German food isn’t so different from British food, but there are some classic elements that we wanted to include.

F1 Breakfast

We started our weekend with the tradition of cold meats, cheeses, and bread for breakfast. The meats were German sausage and salami, the cheeses were Dutch Gouda and Emmental, and the breads were Polish batch, traditional rye bread, and non-traditional porcupine bread.  Breakfast was rather large, so no lunch required!

F1 Dinner

For dinner we combined a number of elements that don’t seem like a great idea to put together, but actually went really well. We cooked currywurst using Bratwurst and curry-ketchup, together with the traditional fries and mayonnaise. To make sure we had some vegetables during the weekend we served fresh asparagus (sadly not spargel), pickled gherkins, and artichoke hearts. Personally I think German sausage is much better than the British equivalent and the currywurst brought back fond memories of our trip to Berlin.

F1 Dessert

Finally for dessert we created our delicious “mock black forest gateaux”. To prepare this is very simple. Take a chocolate muffin, spoon over some fruit pie filling – summer fruits are our preferred variety. Add some whipped cream and serve. It’s even better if the muffin has chocolate chips to add a bit of crunch to the texture. Much better than the real gateaux in my opinion!

We also had some Battenburg cake over the weekend, not strictly German, but according to Google was itself inspired by German style cake-making, so I think it counts.

Germany is well known for both it’s beers and wine, so we had a little of each over the weekend, a nice fruity Riesling and some Bitburger beer.

As for the race, Fernando looked pretty unstoppable, it was good to see Jenson back to form, and I was fuming along with Seb about the antics of the other McLaren. Here’s hoping the Hungarian Grand Prix next weekend is kinder to the Redbulls!


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