British Grand Prix Weekend

This weekend was the British Grand Prix at Silverstone. This was less interesting than usual for food as our home grand prix, but was much more interesting as we got to go and watch Friday practice at the historic circuit. It was also quite ‘entertaining’ from a weather perspective – the rain has certainly caused a lot of problems across the country and Silverstone was no exception. We didn’t find out until we tried (unsuccessfully) to leave the circuit how lucky we were to have gotten in on the Friday!

Anyway, we spent many happy hours in the cold and wet. Even though the rain kept the cars in the pits a lot of the time, and caused quite a few red flags, it was awesome to see the F1 cars. We also saw GP3, GP2, and some historic F1 cars out on the track.

Here’s a picture of us enjoying the experience at Luffield under our newly acquired umbrella:

Me and Phil at Silverstone

Note that Phil is a Mclaren supporter (I’m not sure he has a preference on driver) whereas I am a firm Sebastian Vettel fan (and therefore Redbull). Although we both like most of the drivers on the grid!

One of my objectives for the day was to try and get decent photos of each driver, and the open air stand at Luffield turned out to be an excellent place to be, on a relatively slow corner, but with a nice fast straight before it. The rain turned out to be helpful for this. Cue roar of the engine and a stream of spray letting you know that someone was coming. I did notice you could also sometimes guess the car from the engine sound!

Here’s a picture from Luffield of the race winner Mark Webber:

Mark Webber

Here is a selection of the other shots I got of the F1 drivers. Only driver missing is Pedro de la Rosa in the HRT who didn’t come out in Practice 2.

So I said in my previous F1 menu post that I would say what food was available in Silverstone. In terms of ‘traditional’ British food there was a pasty stall and a fish and chips stall. We utilised both of these, a steak and ale pasty for lunch, and then a jumbo sausage and chips for our unexpected pit stop in the evening before escaping the circuit! There were also hog roast stalls. Then the typical burger and ice cream vans. In addition there was more ‘exotic’ fare, like pizza and noodles. Not really very inspiring though! We had a bit more of a traditional food on race day with a roast beef and yorkshire pudding (tip: don’t accidentally make yorkshire puddings with gram flour, it does not work well). We also had some ‘traditional’ puddings over the weekend, bread and butter pudding and jam roly poly. Jam roly poly was excellent, but I’m not a fan of bread and butter pudding (its better cold with butter in my opinion) but the accompanying custard was good! We also had some Irn Bru and Pimms. Although Pimms really needs sunny weather. Hot chocolate for cold rainy weather – we did have one of those whilst sat in the rain at Luffield!

Anyway.. I thoroughly enjoyed my trip to Silverstone, despite the rain the atmosphere was amazing. One of the best moments for me was waiting for the cars to come out in Practice 2. There was quite a long wait and then a great cheer went up when Kamui Kobayashi drove towards the stands – a heartfelt cheer that someone was brave enough to go out on the wet track to show us some action!

Not sure if Phil knows, but I want to go do that every year now. And see the race..

For sure. For the maximum. Know what I mean? 😉


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