Canada Grand Prix Menu

A bit of a belated post this one. As mentioned previously, we have been trying to theme our meals on F1 race weekends to traditional food of the country where the race is held.

The last race was in Canada, which is one of my favourite for the themed menus because of the traditional dessert of Nanaimo bars. These are very sweet but very nice, and they actually get better as they age. Here is the recipe that I used, the only real difference being the use of chocolate digestives for the base because its considerably cheaper to buy the chocolate ones than the plain ones for some bizarre reason.

The race is in Montreal, so the main I cooked was traditional ‘poutine’ with roast chicken. Poutine is meant to be chips and gravy with fresh cheese curds. Because you can’t really get cheese curds easily in this country, (advice for doing so would be appreciated), the wisdom is apparently that mozzarella is a reasonable substitute. We tried this one last year as well, but I think it went better last year. The mozzarella melted a bit too much in the gravy which took away the texture, which I actually liked last year. I think the trick is to not add it to the gravy, and instead just put it on the chips before the gravy goes on.

Phil’s friend Michael stayed over to watch the race and brought some other Canadian sweets – butter tarts and some biscuits, both very tasty. I’m not sure if the biscuits were called moose-humper or moose-hunter biscuits.. Update from Michael, apparently they were Moosehunters – recipe here.

Also can’t forget a Canadian classic – bacon and maple syrup, ideal as a combo in a sandwich for breakfast – bacon butties!

Oh. And we also manage to find some Labatt’s beer!

Anyway.. looking forward to this weekend’s race in Valencia.


One thought on “Canada Grand Prix Menu

  1. Sadly, they’re called Moose Hunters. The recipe is here:
    I accidentally put twice as much milk in, so the extra flour made them rather stodgy; the second half of the dough seems to have been rescued somewhat by adding extra everything else, though.

    Everything else eaten over the weekend was great, though. I really liked the poutine.

    I suppose you could always make your own cheese curds, but it does look a faff:

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