Monaco Grand Prix Menu

For the last couple of years we have tried to theme our meals on Formula 1 race weekends to go with the traditional food of the country where the race is being held. This is easier for some countries than others!

This weekend the race was in Monaco, congrats to Mark Webber by the way for his first win of the season.

Doing a Google on food or recipes for Monaco doesn’t come up with much, but there was enough to at least make a couple of mains and desserts themed towards Monaco and try some new things.

For the Saturday main we took two dishes that are apparently popular and put them together. Asparagus risotto (which was very good) with some fresh asparagus, and some cod with a tomato and olive sauce. The Saturday dessert was quite simple, basically a mandarin fool, which was also good.

For Sunday main we made Socca (chickpea pancakes) apparently another Monaco favourite. The filling for the pancake was a bit more of an improvised recipe combining bacon, mushroom, mackerel, and cream cheese. For Sunday dessert a¬†Millefeuille Pastry with Strawberries. This was quite a complex recipe involving the creation of a homemade custard, icing covered puff pastry, and then stacking it into a three layered ‘cake’ with strawberries. I’m not sure whether the cream/custard was meant to be thicker, but it all tasted good anyway.

Looking forward to the next race in Canada. Hoping to make some Nanaimo bars like last year!


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