“Tap, Move, Shake” by Todd Moore; O’Reilly Media

As a relative newbie, I’ve been avidly searching for books to help me learn IOS programming. I have to say that up until now, I have been unimpressed with the titles I have tried. That has just changed when I found “Tap, Move, Shake” by Todd Moore. I wish this book was there when I started! In particular the chapter introducing Xcode is the best introduction on the subject that I have come across. You also get a pretty cool air hockey app at the end of it, complete with your own graphics and sound effects!

The book walks you through the production of a sophisticated air hockey game. The book covers the basics of Xcode, animation, movement, touch, using sound, physics, and artificial intelligence. In addition the book shows you how to create all the images you need for your game, including icons and iTunes graphics. There is also a chapter on finding and creating sound effects for the game. The final chapter walks through submitting apps to the App Store, including the submission process, how to deal with rejections, and marketing your game once you have created it.

Todd has an excellent writing style, making the book easy to read and follow. In addition to providing the code, Todd gives interesting and informative explanation on why he made certain decisions when creating the game. Todd also gives extensive guidance on best practices, and tips on tools and resources to use when building your apps. One of my favourite aspects of the book is that as you build the game in stages, you get to see the potential problems and how to fix them as you go along. You are not seeing the finished code from the outset, but actually see the code evolving as you go through the book. This helps to promote understanding of the code you are writing, but also how to think through problems you may come across when you write your own games.

I have found games programming books quite intimidating in the past, but I’ve learnt a great deal from reading this book and it has given me the confidence to have a go at writing my own game.

I highly recommend this book for anyone interesting in learning developing for iPhone and iPad.

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3 thoughts on ““Tap, Move, Shake” by Todd Moore; O’Reilly Media

  1. I really appreciate your full review and kind words about my book. Please let me know if you release your game to the App Store and I’ll be sure to download and review. Thanks again! –Todd Moore (@toddmoore)

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