Lego Modular buildings

I’m a big Lego fan, and I have all sorts of sets that I’ve been collecting since I was 19. I used to enjoy playing with just the bucket of bricks style sets and especially my brother’s space set when I was a kid.

When I was 19 I kick started a collection of my own when two big sets were reduced, a castle set (I’ve always loved the castle sets) and an underwater base. After giving myself permission to buy it, I bought all sorts of sets that I like, western, more castle, native, and obviously Lego System. I even saw the bad old days of sets where there were solid walls instead of bricks to build them. I have a fire station that was so disappointing because there was hardly any construction to be done!

Thankfully those days are long gone. There are many many brilliant sets, and I now have quite a lot of Lego! In addition to the wonderful worlds of Lego sets for children (which I have and I love), there are many brilliant models for those of us young at heart and with an inner child thats trying to get out. What I mean to say is of course sets that are designed for a more mature audience. Sets for grown ups! In particular are the modular building sets complete with advanced building techniques and nice little details on the outside and the inside.

They may be a bit more grown up, but they are certainly still for enjoying. Not like those fun-less folks that buy toys just to ‘collect them’, and then shove them in the attic, never opened. Pfff, that is wasteful and boring! I enjoy the whole experience of building and I enjoy the experience of them being built. In fact because they have the added complexity I like them even more. And they are very cool when you have a whole street of them:

From the left: Cafe/Hotel, Greengrocers, Fire Station, Townhouse/Pet Shop, Grand Emporium

Each floor of each building is a separate module, so you can take them apart to look inside. Did you spot the banker?

I can’t wait for the next sets to add to my street!

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