Redbull racing home run

Last weekend my wonderful hubbie took me to see the Redbull Racing team’s home run in Milton Keynes. On Friday we got the chance to have a look at at Redbull show car up close, which we enjoyed so much we  went back for a look a couple more times after that. Although it got progressively more difficult to get a good view after the first time because of the crowds. This is the first F1 car from the last 20 years that I think I have seen. Previously I’ve only seen museum pieces from the 1980s or earlier! And to see the car driven by my favourite driver makes it extra special.

Phil showed me around the diffuser and some of the aero on the car, and then I got curiously excited to see the plank. So I had to get a picture of the underside of the car. Which looks more dodgy than it really is, it was actually the plank I wanted to see!

Well I was excited..

Anyway, Saturday was the big day when we’d get to see the cars driving down the centre of Milton Keynes. We managed to secure a spot that at least meant no-one could get in the way of us on some steps. It was a long cold wait for the action. To sum up in slightly fewer seconds than we have of video footage, Mark drove his F1 which was cool. A dude rode a motorcycle out of view. David Coulthard drove a loud Nascar car, which was cool. Seb drove his F1 car which was cool. The motorcycle dude drove it even more out of view. Then Seb and Mark drove their F1 cars at each other, without crashing, which was super cool! But you need to see the shaky footage from my viewpoint:

Hubby also got me a souvenir/early Christmas present. These are perfect for our F1 simulator!

For more photos of the day (and the shoes) take a look here.


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