ISO/IEC JTC1 SC7 Plenary 2010 – Niigata, Japan

I’ve just returned from the latest SC7 Plenary meeting in Niigata in Japan. As usual we had a good meeting, although we were shorter on experts than usual, and this meant that the discussion was probably less than it would usually be for our standards work. However, to make up for this, we did have more visitors than usual to talk to us within WG2.

Because WG2 is responsible for software and systems documentation, the other working groups often seek advice from us when their standards include information about developing documentation. Because of this, we also spent some time visiting of other work groups at this meeting. I spent some time with WG26 and provided some comments on part three of their testing standard, on documentation for testing. I also attended a presentation and discussion in SWG5, Common Industry Formats. This special working group is developing a set of standards on producing common format reports for usability testing and evaluation. I’m hoping to get involved in reviewing the drafts of these standards when they come out.

I very much enjoyed the trip to Japan, it is a place I have always wanted to visit. The people are very friendly and helpful, and I found the quiet orderliness of Niigata, especially the Hakusan park and shrine, very relaxing. I got to travel on the bullet train, and spent a few hours in Tokyo on the way back home. The museums and the park at Ueno were very nice, and I would recommend this as a spot to visit for anyone going to Tokyo. The food was excellent, and finding your way around is much simpler than the media would have you believe!

More pictures from my trip to Japan.


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