Local history feature in Eclipse

This is a cool feature of Eclipse that I only found out about today.. thanks to jt! Eclipse apparently keeps a record of changes that you make to the file locally, so you can see a ‘diff’ of the changes from the current file, and the same file on previous occasions. You can repeat this for multiple previous saves, so it’s not just restricted to the last save. This is rather handy! 

Here are the instructions to do this from the Eclipse docs:

To compare a Workbench resource with a state in the local history:

  1. In the Navigator view, select the resource that you want to compare with a local history state.
  2. From the resource’s pop-up menu, select Compare With > Local History. The Compare with Local History page opens.
  3. Select a state in the Local History list. The Text Compare editor opens.
  4. Click the Select Next Change and Select Previous Change buttons to browse the changes made between the state in the local history and the Workbench resource.
  5. Click OK when you are finished.

2 thoughts on “Local history feature in Eclipse

  1. eeep. You only found this today? I was sure I wrote about it in the SupportPac on version control / change mgmt in Broker… we’ve definitely covered it in skills transfer classes somewhere between 5 and 6.1 🙂

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