Hello and welcome to my blog! This is one of several blogs that I have, but the aim with this one is to talk about interesting stuff that I do at work. I don’t consider myself to be deeply techie, hence the title of the blog, which I also use as the tag line for my work blog. I work at the IBM development lab in Hursley, and am surrounded by many very smart, and very enthusiastic people who are very deeply technical. And I couldn’t claim to be deeply techie in that kind of company! To be honest, I enjoy playing with technology, and even doing the odd bit of coding, but my focus is on the user experience part of software development and technology. I like the big picture side of my work, understanding the how and why, rather than being deep down in code. The roles that I have had in Hursley reflect that interest, and I enjoy working on improving the experience that users have with our products and technology in general. For the last few years I’ve been working in the User Technologies department at Hursley looking at the usability and user assistance provided with our software.

I’ve recently been given the role of Information Architect. We provide information and documentation for our software in a number of forms, from books to on-line information centers, to integrated help without our software’s GUIs. The Information Architect has responsibility for the structure, relationships and delivery of this information.

I’ve been an information developer (technical author in oldspeak) on my project for a couple of years, and have been involved with the usability and testing of the information and software for several years before that. I have experience of designing and developing the information. I’ve also contributed and influenced the architecture of the information to improve information retrieval and usability. But I am new to having a formal information architect’s hat, so I have a lot to learn. I’m planning on recording my experiences here. As well as any interesting day to day stuff that I think is worth sharing.


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