Whilst pondering what title to give my PhD thesis, I had a play with a couple of online name generators, which quickly lead me to a plot generator. The plot generator gets you to add a variety of words and then writes you a little story. I added some words based on my thesis topic. I […]

The Normans When King Edward was dying he said that Earl Harold should be the new King of England. Two other men wanted to be king. One was King of Norway. One was Duke William of Normandy. They both sent armies to England to fight Harold. The King of Norway was killed at a battle […]

The Vikings The name Vikings means Sea Rowers. Vikings come from Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. They sailed to England to steal and take slaves. Viking longships were much better than Saxon keels. They were driven by oars and a big square sail. The longships were steered by a paddle on the steerboard (starboard) side. A […]

Sometime towards the end of 1982.. The Romans The Romans used bricks concrete and tiles in their homes. Underground fires blew hot air under the floors. There was glass in the windows and floors were decorated with coloured tiles called mosaics. A big Roman house was called a villa. The Saxons After the Romans came […]

Sometime towards the end of 1982.. The earliest people lived in caves. They made lamps with clay and animal fat to heat and light their damp dark homes. Cave men spent all their time hunting for food. As men became farmers they began to built huts with walls and a roof. The fire was made […]

The People Who Live in My House My brother lives in my house he likes playing with cars. He’s name is Andrew. He has a bike. He is five years old. My mum likes making cakes and things. My dad likes to watch football he has a car. It is dark blue. My pets are […]

September 16th 1982. I live in a terraced house. There are five rooms. The biggest is the living room. There are three bedrooms. I sleep in the 1st bed-room. I have not got a conservatory. My house was built in 1895. My family has lived there for a year. The walls are built of bricks. […]


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