June 7th 1982 My Weekend Sunday I played with Lynne in her garden. Lynne had made a pond in her garden and a hut. Me and Lynne put some chairrs in it. We played poilce and then we played hunterrs and then I went home for dinner. then I came back. Lynne broght me some […]

4th May 1982 Spring Bank Holiday On Bank Holiday Monday I went to see a castle. First I looked inside the castle. I saw the cheirs and I saw the beds in the castle. When I had seen all the inside of the castle I looked on top of the castle I saw the people […]

April 19th 1982 My Easter holiday On Sunday the 18th of April I went to It’s a Knockout. It was good. Gosport was in it. Their was lots of games. After it I went to my dads car. then I went home then I had tea. ┬áThen I had a bath. Then I went to […]

February 15th 1982 Saturday I went round my auntie Jan’s house. I played with Lisa. She is my auntie’s girl. I played with her dolls. I played boats with her. Then I had dinner. After dinner we played boats. Then we had tea. After tea I went home.   March 23rd 1982 On Sunday I […]

January 26th 1982 on Sunday morning I went to the beach. I found some shells. I found three big shells. I saw the sea. When I got home I drawed a drawring of the beach. I drawed some fish. I drawed some trees and some shells. Than I had dinner. Than I went to my […]

December 7th 1981 On Saturday night Lynne came to sleep in my house. She was going to sleep in my bed. Her sister Julie came to babbysit. My mummy said she can come to babbysit at eight o’clock. Me and Lynne saw game for a laugh. After game for a laugh we went to bed. […]

November 16th 1981 Yesterday was my mums birthday. Her friend came to are (our) house. She was going to move. She lived in Fairroom (Fareham). She had a car. She showed use (us) where the house she was moveing (moving) into was. We went in her car. She was moveing into a flat. When we […]


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