I’m nearing the end of my PhD (well hopefully anyway!) and several times now I’ve been in a position to explain my research to other people. I’ve found that when you ask people about their PhDs they have a tendency to either be reluctant to talk about it at all or they gloss over at a very very […]

Wordle is a neat free online tool for creating word cloud images based on either text that you paste in or a url that you provide. In this post I’ll provide some guidance on using the functions for customising the word clouds, and also some tips on how to tailor the text content you provide to […]


I’ve recently taken up time-trialling. Clearly a sensible thing for a nervous newbie cyclist to be doing, see here for my thoughts after my first lesson 18ish months ago! I’ve come a long way since my first few lessons, and am reasonably confident and controlled on the bike, and I’ve been crashing less. I’ve even […]


This past weekend was the 50th British Formula 1 race at Silverstone and to celebrate the anniversary the circuit organised a number of special events, including a “vintage” fancy dress competition for the practice day on Friday. We’ve been going to Silverstone on Friday for the last few years and I thought it would be good […]

This is a test post just to see if my assumption that a post without metadata will be given at least one default value. By the way if you are reading this and interested in metadata, please take the time to do my metadata survey here: https://sites.google.com/site/cmetastudy/ Thanks!


In this post I cover an introduction to what usability is, how to make usable software and how you can check to make sure you app is usable! This post is based on a presentation that I have been giving at Southampton University and Imperial College for the past 7 years or so. The presentation has evolved significantly over […]


Process models are typically used within businesses to document existing processes and procedures or as a mechanism for designing process improvements and enhancements, such as automation or consolidation of processes across departments. There are many tools and methods for creating process models which can lead to workflow models that are difficult to understand and incompatible with models […]


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