December 7th 1981 On Saturday night Lynne came to sleep in my house. She was going to sleep in my bed. Her sister Julie came to babbysit. My mummy said she can come to babbysit at eight o’clock. Me and Lynne saw game for a laugh. After game for a laugh we went to bed. […]

November 16th 1981 Yesterday was my mums birthday. Her friend came to are (our) house. She was going to move. She lived in Fairroom (Fareham). She had a car. She showed use (us) where the house she was moveing (moving) into was. We went in her car. She was moveing into a flat. When we […]

September 21st 1981 On Sunday I played in my house with my brother. I played up stairs. I played mummys and daddys. My doll was the baby. I made some baby rains (reins) for the doll. On Sunday I went to My Nannys hosue. (house) I played with my Nannys dog In her garden and […]

September 7th 1981 At the weekend I went to my arents (aunts) flat. I went in the flat. I played with her baby and I played with her dog. I had tea with her and after tea I went home and I got home my arent gave me a puss.   September 14th 1981 Sunday […]

September 3rd 1981 Today we went to our new school. I am in A1 Mrs Adams class. We are in the juniors now. I had a nice summer holiday

I’m nearing the end of my PhD (well hopefully anyway!) and several times now I’ve been in a position to explain my research to other people. I’ve found that when you ask people about their PhDs they have a tendency to either be reluctant to talk about it at all or they gloss over at a very very […]

Wordle is a neat free online tool for creating word cloud images based on either text that you paste in or a url that you provide. In this post I’ll provide some guidance on using the functions for customising the word clouds, and also some tips on how to tailor the text content you provide to […]


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